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Daily Driver Owned by Caldinarod

  1. Um, yes. They (In Japan a Micra is called a March) were made for about 9 months for the Japanese home market when the demand for Figaros became so intense they had to hold a lottery to decide who could have one. These, though treated as a consolation prize, are actually much nicer (in my opinion) with electric hood, A/C all 4 electric windows 1.3 non-turbo engine (cw 1.0 turbo in Figaro) and 50 mpg.
    I've imported about 8 different vehicles now and brought this one in a couple of years ago. There are several other hard top March variants available over there including one with electric motors on the back wheels to give it 4WD on demand, an estate, and some posh ones with different front and often leather seats/ walnut dash! Anything else just ask.
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  2. I'm intrigued by the Nissan Micra soft-top in the photo!

    Japanese market I assume? Info?

    Nice CR-V too...:Grin:
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