Type-S 180
Daily Driver Owned by TypeS-Turton

  • My recent purchase a 2.2 Type-S 180

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Customers 3" Stainless Steel Exhaust System - with resonator and back boxes removed
    Bonnet Bra
    Offset shortened number plate
    Purple chameleon vinyl wrapped interior
    Purple chameleon wrapped spoiler Black and purple chameleon wrap on front grille and honda badges
    Purple Chameleon wrap on engine cover
    Purple JDM Tow Hook
    Purple Bubble Dildo Gear Stick (LED)
    Fly-eye Kit front and back
    White LED Bulbs
    Blue LED's in courtesy door lights
    Drilled Foot well Lights (Red)

    Service History & Related Threads

    Great service history...
  1. Nice lip on the trunk :Niceone:
  2. Finally got that twin exhaust system and my private reg on :Grin:
    1. SpeedyGee Avatar
      Looks quite aggressive with those twin exhausts.
      SpeedyGee, Monday 10th Aug, 2015
    2. TypeS-Turton Avatar
      Wonderful isn't it ;p
      TypeS-Turton, Monday 10th Aug, 2015
  3. She looks in good condition. :Niceone:
    Interesting gear nob you've got there.
    I look forward to seeing the changes as you get through your list. :construction:
    1. TypeS-Turton Avatar
      That gear knob gets a lot of attention haha one guy told me to install a drip tray for it lmao!
      TypeS-Turton, Saturday 7th Feb, 2015
    2. TypeS-Turton Avatar
      Got exhaust done now nels :Smile:
      TypeS-Turton, Sunday 9th Aug, 2015
  4. She's looking mean !! Any further plans for modding ?
    1. TypeS-Turton Avatar
      Thanks mate :Smile:

      Yes huge plans for it :Smile: i have only had the car 2 weeks so I'm slowly breaking her in haha

      Was thinking 20" alloys
      duplex exhaust system from power flow
      Re-map to about 225 bhp
      Mugen rear spoiler
      And the list goes on haha
      TypeS-Turton, Saturday 7th Feb, 2015
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