TRX450R Quad
Owned by sgoaty

  • Here is my 2006 TRX450R quad. I have had it for about 4 years it was standard when I got it with the exception of the HRC engine kit.
    On my first outing it ate the crank and I ended up having to rebuild the engine.
    I got some cheap wide arms for it from ebay to be be used with the standard shocks but they bent after the shocks bottomed out over some jumps.
    I decided to go all out and buy a long travel front end and fox rear shock that cost me about the same as the quad itself had 2 years previous!
    I tried to justify it to myself that it was money well spent if it saved me from an injury/time off work.

    Considering the all the good stuff thats on there and how well she goes she isn't much to look at.
  1. That's one fun ATV you've got there. Enjoying reading your project log.
  2. Our first ATV :Happy:HRC engine kits eh :clap::Yahoo:you got to admit they do make some fine kits for power I have a complete kit for my bike I will do it when I take it off the road just for track days blasting

    I too want a ATV but riding them safely in permitted area is the only drawback , then there is cost of a trailer and shed pulling attachment etc it just adds up.
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  3. I bet that is a whole lot fun to ride !

    Would love one myself ... but where would I use it ? LOL
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