Weekend Toy Owned by Shidzidzi

  • Executive full house options . Towbar for Caravan hauling/touring.
  1. Hi
    I left Cape Town late April to caravan tour warm north for the winter . That is why i have been so quiet and got a mods friendly reminder.
    All I can say is this Honda performs beter that I ever expected . I have overtaken 6 interlink trucks on single lane road hauling caravan but with great visability - no sweat . Also mixed it with a blue light politician convoy on the 4-lane toll road - 240 km/hr past a ML350 but then I pulled back - and there was still reserve power . 6000 km so far .
    In a weeks time I leave the hot artesian spa that I am at and begin tour down the coast to be back in Cape Town December . Spring is definatly in air .
    This is about 20000 km touring and caravan hauling with a dealer service in September .
    Cheers all
  2. nice tourer mate , please can we see more pics and check your engine code mate..