Daily Driver Owned by Cory_NSX

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    .HKS.RACING plug8.
    sport injectionKIT
    HPI OIL catch tanker
    fuel regulatorAUTO STAFF.
    fuel pressure. meter
    FUJITSUBO. EX mani. hole. stainless steel. center2 pipe muffler
    drive..BILSTEIN.... MOTER SPORTS line shock-absorber
    NSX-R. original twin plate clutch
    master cylinder replaced..2012/8 month
    ADVANCE.FLAT OUT. front bumper
    spoilerADVANCE.FLAT OUT.
    side stepADVANCE.FLAT OUT.
    rear WingGARAGE KITE.
    NSX-R rear Hatchback
    CRAFT SQUARE. carbonTC mirror
    tire. Wheel
    VOLK TE37.Fr17-7.5J&18-9.5J
    FEDERAL 595RS-R.215-45-17.265-35-18
    02y.NSX-R. original shift boots titanium shift knob door trim. A
    lcantara re-coveredMOMO TUNER.
    NSX-R steering wheelTYPE-R.. steering wheel BossKIT
    ALPINE..DVA-7899J.DVD head light unit.RXA-H700. multimedia......TVE-T760. multi monitor color backing monitor synchronizated
    TRIAL N1-SPECIAL D seat bucket seat
    BRIDE. lowmax seat bucket seat
  1. Wish I could see the pictures
  2. Seemed to have started a trend on here now with more NSX's being added. :Smile:

    Fair play to you for completely going down the modified route to extreme levels!
    interesting route for sure and with all NSX related stuff ... bloomin expensive!!!
    so my hat off to you sir!
  3. Those last two pics look amazing such a lovely car fair play.
  4. Your car is a godess!!
    Very tasteful updates to an effortlessly beautiful car. I think NSX in Red is probably as iconic as the Type-R White.
    I still own the Acura NSX sales/coffee table brochure that I bought second hand in late 90s as it was as close to NSX as I could get.. and this was back when I used to live in Pak. I really wish I get to see/sit in one before my time ends, let alone drive one. :stretcher:
  5. I have seen it in Japfest2 :Smile: i talked at you Cory ;-) keep enjoying it and hope meet you on track or in the next meetings.
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  6. Though if I sell all my first gens and save up. I'm having a 1992 manual non power steering red with black roof car with bucket seats and a dustbincan of an exhaust system. Massive stanced wheels on coil overs. One that needs work. I build my toys.
  7. I still did the dumb ass thing and bought a Toyota V300 Aristo with 500 horse power and it was slightly cheaper than the NSX. Should have waited the 6 months saved up and bought one when they were 14k. Live and learn.
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  8. Incredible. Lucky owner!
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  9. thats some machine
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