Weekend Toy Owned by tiggerchris

  • Element SUV 4WD just imported direct from Japanese dealer with full service history ( in Japanese ! )
    Rare RHD model as most models in Europe tend to be LHD USA cars.
    Very happy with first few days and 300 miles.
    Other Element owners in UK please get in touch !
  1. class apart ! :salute:
  2. I just don't know why Honda don't sell models like that here. It's all the rage now this rufty-tufty look (exhibit 1, Citroen Cactus) and Honda were doing it ages a go.
  3. Wow! that is a uber rare JDM gem! Never seen one of those before.
    Looks fantastic. I bet it turns heads :Smile:
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  4. Awesome car, based on the CR-V I belive only ever seen the one that Eric the car guy of YouTube fame owns.
  5. Ooooh, I want one!

    Fantastic :clap::clap::clap:
  6. Cor! Hark, Honda porn! OPEN THE DOORS!
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  7. Loving that mate, looks superb.

    Can we have some pics of the interior and the engine bay please :Smile:
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