The Wacky Racer - "The new Money Pit" (in a nice way)
Previously Owned Owned by RogerH69

  • Optional Extras - (as far as I know they're optional)
    Electric Windows
    Electric sunroof (metal)
    Alarm / immobilizer
    Cruise Control :Smile:

    This came from a mate, who has used it as a project car / daily driver for a few years. This will become my project / track car. I've been wanting to buy it from him for a while, but never had a place to store it / work on it until today, when he and I found a barn to rent, in which to store / work on our track cars.

    As I've only been on a race track once, I'll keep the 'lude as stock as I can, but will definitely replace wheels, tyres and brakes. Considering getting rid of 4WS, depending on parts availability / price. Once I'm more comfortable throwing it around a track, I'll look at some performance mods maybe. That way, I can also appreciate the improvement in the car as I make changes to it. I'm considering keeping it road legal (and taxed / MOT'ed and insured) for starters, and will see how I go with finances - if anything, it will be fun to have 2 cars to choose from, especially for long drives.

    Sorry for the crap pictures - I'll get some better pictures once the car is at the barn and all cleaned up.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Current -
    • Full catback (sorry dunno make yet) performance / noise exhaust - probably going to replace this with stock, but keep the current one for track days / shows / meets etc.
    • Decat
    • Eibach lowering springs
    • Central locking alarm
    Broken / not working / needs checking -
    • ABS light and brake light is on
    • A/C doesn't seem to work
    • Air vent in driver's door is not venting air (passenger door works fine)
    • Rear water jet not working
    • Driver's electric window not working. Motor can be heard whirring, but window doesn't move. Window held closed at moment with a piece of wood inside the door :Smile:
    • Motorized aerial doesn't seem to work
    • Central locking sometimes doesn't work, requiring alarm activation with remote, and locking with key
    • Rust on sunroof

    To-do -
    • 17' Wheels and tyres - Purchased
    • 17' Road and Track tyres - Purchased (Yokohama 215/45/17 AD08R)
    • Fitted 17' Wheels and Tyres - DONE
    • Uprated brakes - Purchased (EBC Yellowstuff)
    • (Possibly) get rid of 4WS - DONE - DONE
    • (Possibly) get rid of ABS (may be too costly and problematic to repair) - DONE (removed bulb and ECU)
    • Take out back seats - DONE (took out all interior trim except door cards
    • Front and rear dashcams - DONE
    • Tinted windows - DONE
    • Give the headlights a good going over with a 3M Headlamp Restoration kit - DONE
    • Replace driver's side electric window motor and regulator - DONE
    • Repair rear bumper, which has a little accident damage and does not sit straight (could just be mountings) - DONE
    • Repair sunroof which has rust bubbles on it - maybe replace with a glass one from a Gen5, as they apparently fit (mostly) - DONE (removed sunroof and blanked it)
    • Refit front bumper spoiler as it's a little loose
    • Replace front water jets with 'mist' types - DONE
    • Replace roof lining and Sun Roof Lining (they have cuts in them) - DONE (removed)
    • Remove boot trim - DONE
    • Repair / replace the radio antenna, as it does not come up - DONE
    • Repair rear wiper jet - DONE
    • Check / repair A/C - CBA
    • Troubleshoot and reset ABS and brake light - DONE (removed bulb and ECU)
    • Check why driver's door air vent is not getting air - CBA (because track car)
    • Replace any door / window seals that may be perished - CBA (because track car - though I DO have a whole set of used seals....)
    • Replace central locking mechanism that is linked to alarm, as it does not work properly most of the time - DONE
    • Fit front and rest strut braces - DONE
    • Paint calipers - DONE
    • Full polybush - DONE

    Service History & Related Threads

    Partial service history. Regularly scheduled by main dealers until about 120,000 miles. I think it was serviced by owner thereafter.
  1. For me - the most beautiful Prelude there ever was! By why would you want to get rid of 4WS?
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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      It can be a little slow to respond, weight and its in 2ws mode 70% of the time due to some fault and 4ws light coming on. Trying to get 4ws error code shows me nothing.
      RogerH69, Sunday 18th Feb, 2018
    2. naDiel Avatar
      Ah fair play. Not sure what can cause this as never had one and never had to deal with this problem. Maybe it's the ecu that needs attention?
      naDiel, Sunday 18th Feb, 2018
  2. Wow! Masses of potential in this one Roger.
    Shrewd move going for a second car rather than compromise the daily comfort and hard work you have put in on the Civic. Look forward to seeing how things progress!
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  3. What wheels did you buy for it?
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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      RogerH69, Wednesday 24th Feb, 2016
    2. exec Avatar
      Nice, they look really smart!, nto sure why my comment ended up here.
      exec, Thursday 25th Feb, 2016
  4. [​IMG]

    ooooh nice Prelude, seen this one somewhere before lol, how she was on a tunnel run many years ago.
    Will be cool when we have all the track cars set up with the wacky racers graphics.
    1. SpeedyGee Avatar
      @nick-b we need to see you on more often :Smile:
      SpeedyGee, Tuesday 22nd Dec, 2015
    2. nick-b Avatar
      I do try, however working on 4 cars and trying to keep life juggling takes up most of my time lol
      Now we have the barn we will post more up on the work that we do for track.
      nick-b, Tuesday 22nd Dec, 2015
    3. exec Avatar
      that place looks familiar, westferry circus? Interesting to see how the Lude looked like before, think she looks a lot better stock lol
      exec, Tuesday 22nd Dec, 2015
  5. Great car and this will make a lovely project, subscribed!
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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      Thanks :Smile:
      RogerH69, Monday 21st Dec, 2015
  6. Nice lude man. Look forward to seeing her improve.
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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      Cheers Speedy
      RogerH69, Sunday 20th Dec, 2015
  7. Now I hope you're going to document the work thoroughly this time. Not like the job you've done for your Civic.

    Only kidding. I am looking forward to following this one. Great find there Roger.:Thumbup:
    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      LOL Thanks Nels
      RogerH69, Sunday 20th Dec, 2015
  8. Loved this model of Prelude. Can't wait to get updates from your builds specially the ICE and dashcams (gopros?)
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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      I think I'm going to go with the same setup I have in my Civic, the K1S dual cam DVR setup. This is one of the reasons I got the stereo I did, as it has reverse camera in as well as video in. GoPros are great for HD video, but they're out of my price range (I already have an action cam from another brand I may stick on the outside of the car), and I'm not that concerned about the video being the highest quality, as long as it's smooth and clear, and the K1S setup I have seems fine.
      RogerH69, Sunday 20th Dec, 2015
    2. legend-ary Avatar
      Good stuff. I agree with your point though that integration and ease of use is much more important than having a super ultra HD etc. It should be interesting how this setup works during trackruns.. front view and rear view side by side should very cool.
      legend-ary, Sunday 20th Dec, 2015
  9. Nice Prelude Roger.

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on with this.
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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      Thanks John
      RogerH69, Saturday 19th Dec, 2015
  10. Another HondaKarma project car...excellent!

    Always liked this shape of Prelude.

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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      RogerH69, Saturday 19th Dec, 2015