The Tumbler
Daily Driver Owned by TheDarkKnight

  • 4th Generation Honda CR-V EX 2.2 i-DTEC Auto

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Fully Colour Coded
    Sports Grille
    Half Running Boards
    Rear Spoiler
    Full Interior LEDs
  1. Hi Dark Knight
    I've kinda asked you this before ! Was your car fully colour coded when you got it?
    If not did you get it done by yourself - I would like to colour code my trim - it seems to " finish off the car nicely"
    Musicman 580
  2. Very nice. Very nice indeed...:clap:
  3. Hang on a minute a PETROL engine!!!!
    1. TheDarkKnight Avatar

      I couldn't find the right code so just slapped in any old one I could find!
      TheDarkKnight, Saturday 30th Apr, 2016
  4. Hi Dark Knight - Part 2
    Did your car come with the glossy trim ? :Grin:
  5. Hi Dark Knight
    Must say your car looks stunning and a little like my own - Black Edition - though yours is the top of the range where mine is mid range based with "added value"
    Still a terrific looking car - what products do you use ?
    Musicman580 :money:
    1. TheDarkKnight Avatar
      My two favourites are Poor Boys Black Hole. Absolutely swear by this stuff.

      Finished with 2x coats of Autoglym HD Wax. The wax is the best in the business and destroys everything else....yes, its pricey, but in the case of the AG HD Wax, you get what you pay for and it shows.
      TheDarkKnight, Saturday 30th Apr, 2016
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