The Taxi
Daily Driver Owned by RichCRX

  • Bought this year after selling the DC2. Currently my only car.

    Usual Type-S refinements with premium sound Sat Nav system. with the rare optional 18's

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Currently sat on a set of HSD Dual tecs and a full cat back Solid fabrications 2.5 system, that's so subtle, it probably should've been standard.
  1. Great looking car!
  2. So after having a think and wanting something a bit more playable I decided to sell the car. After getting a few people offering stupid money and talking to a good mate I've decided to keep the car and set about creating a list of mods to make it more my own.

    Cosmetics wise, I've been mostly working on the rear but the list goes a little something like this.

    New Hyper-Silver 18" Enkei NT-03's
    Mugen High rise CL7 spoiler (if anyone has a boot kicking around would be great as I don't want to drill my original)
    If I can source one cheap(ish) J's racing rear diffuser if I can't source one, It'll be the RE Amemiya because it looks good on pretty much everything it gets bolted too.

    This will make the front look incredibly soft and pony like, and I'm struggling with it. Though @K24 CL9 GUY front bumper is looking rather tempting and in DMP I reckon will work well, though I will have the numberplate on a JDM plinth in the OE middle. Will accpet other ideas if people have them.
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    1. Guy at H-Tune Avatar
      Sounds good look forward to seeing her transform :Smile:
      Guy at H-Tune, Friday 9th Dec, 2016
  3. Looking good and stance is great :Smile:
    1. RichCRX Avatar
      She's sitting a little lower now since those pics, but not by loads and still perfectly drivable for everywhere I go and speed bumps give no real issues
      RichCRX, Monday 6th Jun, 2016
    2. Guy at H-Tune Avatar
      Sitting pretty on those 18s and if is a comfortable ride too you are laughing :Smile:
      Guy at H-Tune, Monday 6th Jun, 2016
    3. RichCRX Avatar
      Yep, I get some lows without crashing everywhere. It's fair to say I'm having my cake and eating it.
      RichCRX, Monday 6th Jun, 2016
  4. Lush photos! And great looking Type-S :Wink:
  5. Great looking and what an amazing colour. was this an option from factory? I think I have seen only one other Accord in this colour.
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    1. RichCRX Avatar
      It was a factory option. A lot of information leads it to being an EU colour, but their are a few in this colour. It's incredibly rare though, and I dare say even rarer on a facelift 2.4 ATS.
      RichCRX, Monday 6th Jun, 2016
  6. great looks
  7. Lovely colour - she looks fantastic.
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