the runaround
Daily Driver Owned by daddy pig

  1. Looks great. Where did you get the roof rails from and were they easy to fit?
  2. First bonnet bra I've seen on a CR-V.

    I'm not usually the biggest CR-V fan but with the roof bars, tints and leather interior - I'd drive her with pride.
  3. I like the protector for the front edge of the bonnet. Those just suit 4x4's somehow...and that really suits your CR-V.
  4. Just got the 2.2 diesel lump in.
  5. That is one Big R badge on the boot :newrussian: like the roofrails.
  6. What size engine does she have DP ?
  7. Currently done 67k.
  8. Good looking CR-V. What's the mileage?