The Predecessor
Daily Driver Owned by legend-ary

  • After a brief hiatus, I am back in a Honda. This 3rd Generation City is an Asian model that slots in below the Civic and the SX8 generation (1997 - 2002) was based on the 4th Generation EF chassis. I have the pre-facelift (97-99) and it shows its origins well as a lot of the switchgear is directly from an EF Civic. Intersetingly the front and rear bumpers are a 3-piece affair (apparently to help lower shipping cost).

    The Pre-facelift was offered with a single carb D13 - Hyper 16 Valve Engine and a 1.5 Neo which had an EFI D15 Hyper 16 Valve motor. My particular car started life as a D13 but the motor has been swapped for a D15 however all the D13 hardware is being used for fuel delivery. Its a popular mod as D15 can be found by the dozen as they are found in 5th and 6th Generation Civics.

    A few issues that im working on and was aware of them so knocked the price down quite a bit.. still costed me £2700. Previously owned by a single guy working long shifts so only the driver's seat and steering wheel were clean rest of the interior was baked in finest dust..

    Current mileage: 279,000 kms

    Stuff that needs attention:

    * Sump oil leak - Fixed
    * Running really rough on CNG - Fixed
    * Messy interior - Working on it - Fixed
    * Messy boot - Almost cleaned, Still need to make a new false floor
    * Side mirror mount broken - Fixed with a metal replacement as plastic is hard to find
    * Clicking driveshaft - Fixed
    * Knocking Suspension - Fixed
    * Ac not working - Fixed
    Rev counter doesn't work - Investigating - Fixed
    * Jumpy speedometer - not addressed.
    * Engine issues - Fixed
    * Worn Clutch - Fixed