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  • Soon to be replaced with a newer one, I do love my Jap cars and if I can find the right one... I'll grab it.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Upgraded the front and rear brakes to Mintex discs and EBC pads all round.
    Restored Headlights using the 3M kit (Wrote a guide for this Headlight Restoration - Using The 3M Kit )
    Dashcam hard wired kit
    EGR cleaned along with MAF & IM sensors (restored power and driveability) (Thanks Nighthawk)
    Frequency Solenoid Valve Replaced to cure intermittent P2004 Code
    All 4 wheels refurbished and powder coated, new Goodyear Efficient Grip Tyres all round
    Full sized matching spare wheel courtesy of Zebster

    Most recent work done.
    New rear callipers and pads (Oct 2018)
    Shorter Aux belt fitted and obsolete pulley removed (Oct 2018)

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full Honda service history to 152k in Fleet, Hampshire, servicing being done by me from then onwards
  1. I do like the LED interior lights - Such a difference.:Niceone:
    1. Heckler Avatar
      The 501 puddle lights were replaced with a COB panel... which is basically about 20 LED's on a rectangular sheet. I am forever getting out of cars into puddles and as I often use very light footwear or moccasins for driving... I get wet feet or ruined slippers. I also have a compacted gravel drive which some of the local cats like to occasionally use as a toilet. So a brighter light was needed to see where I was stepping. It's just a lot brighter than I thought it would be. :Smile:
      Heckler, Monday 14th Dec, 2015
  2. New Member
    try using Simple Instinct used it on our Black Accord and ir worked wonder, put in a spray to cover, wiped off with rag and then hosed down.
    you can buy this from Amazon
  3. Hi everyone new member and interested to see comment about removing tree sap. I can recommend using Simple Solutions (get it on line from Amazon) normal usage if
    for removing pet accidents but because it is so user friendly, it covers a lot of other problems as i found out when i had food poisioning ( say no more) We have an oak
    tree which went manic this year with sap. I diluted some into a spray and it worked !!! I found it particularly useful on the windows. We have a black Accord Tourer and
    oh boy did it look great when I had cleaned it up !
    also gets rid of bird you know what !
  4. Hi Heckler,
    What's the toothpaste trick,my headlamps are dull and I will be trying to bring the headlamps nice and bright again,I hope your foot heals up ok
    Cheers tomi14robie
    1. Heckler Avatar
      It's exactly what it seems it would be... take some toothpaste put some on a cloth and rub it into the lens for hrs on end to try and polish them up.... To be honest, it does very little if your lights are starting to yellow or go foggy. I gave it a try and it made a little bit of a difference but not enough to be worth the effort if I'm honest. I wrote a guide for the 7th Generation Accord on how to restore headlights using the 3M kit... Now those results were nothing short of spectacular.
      Heckler, Tuesday 4th Aug, 2015
    2. tomi14robie Avatar
      Hi heckler,thanks for you reply,I don't get the car until tomorrow Wednesday but I did notice when I went to view the car that the headlights were dull,I will follow your advice and use the 3M kit,that's easy to follow advice,thanks tomi14robie
      tomi14robie, Tuesday 4th Aug, 2015
  5. :Need Pics: we need more please.
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    1. Heckler Avatar
      I was hoping to have had it all cleaned up during the week, but on Tuesday I trod on a bit of wood with a rusty nail in it. Had to get a tetanus booster and have been unable to walk properly since. We've had a lot of rain almost every day which doesn't help and I left my camera at my folks and won't be over there until Weds to pick it up.
      Heckler, Saturday 25th Jul, 2015
  6. Nice roof, can you upload more pictures please. :Photographer:
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    1. Heckler Avatar
      I'm still cleaning tree sap from the car as it was covered in it... Will grab some more when it's all cleaned... Took me 2 hrs to do the upper rail from front to back, quarter of the roof and rear quarter and rear door... plus most of the tailgate.

      The rest is covered in more than those bits were... I reckon another 6-8hrs to shift it all... then gotta do the headlight lenses... will try the toothpaste trick first on those and see how I go.
      Heckler, Monday 20th Jul, 2015
    2. rustydog Avatar
      you may be interested for next year. We have a huge oak tree and this year it spread sap like I have never seen before. We used Simple Solutions which you can buy from Amazon. put it into a spray and use it to cover including windows. no harmful ingrediates then hose off
      rustydog, Sunday 29th Nov, 2015
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