The Lower Class Project CN1
Daily Driver Owned by nitroace09

  • Project Car.
    Added lots of pics for you all to see what I have done to it and then changed my mind.
    I think im now heading in the right direction.
    Will add more pics as the project progresses.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Team HEKO window deflectors front and rear (rear windows to be tinted).
    Multi coloured gear shift lever fitted.

    Front bonnet Honda chip guard.
    Tinted front and rear lights (done by Gorilla Tints of Weston super mare)
    Custom decals.
    HIC rear roof lip spoiler (finally fitted) Thanks to national windscreens.
    Mugen rear spoiler (to be sprayed and fitted) Now fitted.
    18" NIGH bronze alloys 8J on the front 9J on the rear ( supplied by Projecx in clevedon)
    Full multi function AIRREX air ride system with remote control ( fitted by Projecx in clevedon)
    180psi air tank in the boot.
    Red calliper paint job (to be done over the next few weekends)
    No engine mods yet as want it to be a 350bhp diesel.
    More to be added will list as progress moves forward.
    HONDA KARMA logo fitted on rear window (thanks guys)

    Please be patient as car will need full respray so bit tacky on paint work.
    Boot now fully re done in acustic black matting (8metres required to do this just a little tip)
    Front and Rear calipers painted Red
    Blox wheel nuts (multi colour, black and gold)
    Car Mod Shop 6000k HID Conversation kit (dipped beam)
    10" mugen gear lever extension
    Headlights restored using 3M headlight restoration kit
    Retractable hide away front number plate supplied by BOLTSBOLTS
    OPT 7 interior lighting system x2 sets
    OPT 7 under car multi function neons
    Sickspeed nuckle duster gear nob
    Fully re lined acustic matted headliner and side pillars with metallic gold trimmings
    Newly fitted carbon fibre wrapped bonnet

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full service history
    Full MOT history
    Full parts and upgrade list
  1. Hi guys sorry havent been around lately been so busy but now im back back with a new project check it out its called nitroace cu2 project 2 can't wait this one to properly start. Hope you enjoy guys.
  2. what are the chances of me going to the PANEL SHOP to get some car stuff and who should park before me great look into what was my car and what is a work in progress
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  3. Hi guys sorry not on here in a while been busy as expecting my 4th child soon but have been able to do some work on my CN1 will post some pics.
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    1. MickyB Avatar
      Are you coming along to Japfest Donnington would love to see both you and Guy on the stand together.
      MickyB, Saturday 11th Feb, 2017
    2. nitroace09 Avatar
      send me details MickyB
      nitroace09, Saturday 11th Feb, 2017
  4. Love the xmas decked out car :Xmas::Xmas::Xmas::Xmas::Xmas::Xmas::Xmas::Xmas: That has made my day with the train too.Top man.
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    1. nitroace09 Avatar
      thanks took sometime to do but same i couldn't drive it like that
      nitroace09, Thursday 29th Dec, 2016
  5. Ooh exciting looking forward to seeing this plate in action :Happy: Fair play mate your build is coming on in leaps and bounds :clap:
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    1. nitroace09 Avatar
      yes but wanna upload video on here how do you do it
      nitroace09, Friday 2nd Dec, 2016
    2. nitroace09 Avatar
      can't wait for the day i get nominated for honda of the month but working hard to get to that point maybe one day
      nitroace09, Friday 2nd Dec, 2016
    3. K24CL9Guy Avatar
      Upload onto youtube first mate then copy and paste the link.

      You have already proved you are a worthy nominee mate with how your project log is growing so keep it up and I'm sure you will be nominated soon enough :Smile:
      K24CL9Guy, Friday 2nd Dec, 2016
  6. Good to see your keeping on top of your garage and project log :Thumbup:
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    1. K24CL9Guy Avatar
      Growing nicely good to see mate
      K24CL9Guy, Wednesday 9th Nov, 2016
  7. Have made some good progress buddy keep at it and will one day be exactly how you want it. I absolutely love the stance and the colour scheme just need to sort a few bits so in pristine condition and will make a very fine show car :Thumbup:
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    1. nitroace09 Avatar
      Cheers @K24 CL9 GUY you bet your ass I will. She done before you know it.
      nitroace09, Tuesday 18th Oct, 2016
  8. Nice love how slammed it is and those bronze wheels are maaad
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  9. Nice, :Thumbup: Looking forward to progress reports, and how you get it up to 700phb :mosh:
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    1. nitroace09 Avatar
      Might change engine completely and put in NSX engine upgraded thou
      nitroace09, Tuesday 11th Oct, 2016