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  • Well, here we are. Having left honda ownership in 2010 having had the joys of a Civic EX CDTi, I am back. Having toiled over our Multipla for the last 18 months I have decided that enough scraped knuckles are enough and now I've got the damn thing reliable, bit the bullet and bought an FR-V.
    We were about to buy a 2007 Multipla for £1800 as a previous search for FR-V's found nothing decent under £2500, and the ones that were available were either low spec, or 1.7 petrol. So as luck would have it, I searched on Auto Trader and found this 2.2 Sport with 151,000 miles, but full(ish) main dealer Honda history and Leather and detatchable towbar! all for £2195. Too good to be true? Apparently not. The trader bought from a Honda dealer as it needed some bodywork and had a headrest missing. Rather than spend £800 getting it up to a £3,795 selling price, he has just wanted to move it on. So here we go on the Honda trip, and a happy one we hope. I would have been happy with the 2.0 petrol, as the engine gets rave reviews, a bit paranoid about the diesel as I have heard various grumblings, but I was very happy with the lump in the Civic.
    Upcoming projects will be a new head unit with rev camera if I can figure out the various wiring connectors and adaptors as I see the FR-V has a unique adaptor for the steering controls, however I see Pioneer do one () combined wih a Kenwood double Din DAB job, it should be a peach :Smile:
    Anyway, I'm a pretty talented home mechanic, so if anyone has any tips on 'must do' jbs, then any help would be appreciated.
  1. Oh incidentally, I ditched the head unit idea and went for a clip on monitor and reversing camera built into a number plate surround. Just £38 from Amazon, took me a morning, and now have a great reversing feature. I will be upgrading though to a double camera, as the rear view is very poor in the dark as the clip on monitor is not a proper mirror.
  2. OK, so nearly 6 months on and what next. Just fitted a new full set of Michelin Cross Climate tyres which are superb in all conditions so far, really made the turn in better and just £61.36 each off Pneusonline (plus fitting which I can do at work!). Still not replaced the lower knuckle joint and have now seen the n/side is gone so may as well replace together for the pair at £50 on Ebay. Changed the Anti roll bar linkages at the front and ARB bushes which for both jobs took just over an hour, not bad going. Then went to check the rear ARB and joints, er, it wasn't there, no Anti Roll Bar, no linkage and no brackets/bushes. Am I quite literally missing something here? The parts are listed as available and there appears to be fixing points, but no bar. Please report back if your 2.2CDTi has/hasn't got a rear anti roll bar.
    Other issues requiring sorting are what I consider to be a low ground height at the rear, especially on the drivers side. I know to expect a little lower on one side, but it does seem to sit quite low. Shocks and springs seem ok, I'm wondering if anyone has had issues possibly with top mounts? It could be that the previous owner caravanned and therefore the springs have lost their springiness!! May see if a new set can be had for a reasonable price. All in all 3500 miles on and all is good, creaping about 38-40mpg over varied mainly short distances, but achieved 47mpg on a run recently. Astonished by the prices Honda want for spares and servicing, so will continue to use Ebay/EuroCP and Japparts for spares. Need to decide whether to spend the money getting the air con fixed or not......
  3. So far found all discs and pads need replacing, along with the o/side lower ball joint which looks fun, both drop links and there is a lot of corrosion on the suspension parts. Not looking forward to it. Also no cold air con, could this be the dreaded compressor.......
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      Post updates in your Project Log @jivetalkin, it makes it easier to discuss.
      SpeedyGee, Monday 7th Sep, 2015
  4. Nice car very reliable for what they are
  5. Welcome back to Honda @jivetalkin, that's a great price for an FR-V.

    Look forward to following along on any jobs you do on her, please do keep us posted.
  6. Congratulations on your return to Honda ownership. :Thumbup:
    Best advice I can give you would be to change all the fluids and then ensure you change the oil and filter every 6K
    It would also be worth whipping the EGR valve off and giving it a clean. That should keep you busy for a while. :mechanic: