The Ep Poo
Daily Driver Owned by Sensesep2

  • Here is my vivid blue Honda Civic EP2. Absolutely love this car and can't wait to start modding :Grin: Use this as my Daily Driver and racking the miles up. As can't afford insurance on a Type-R this is my obvious alternate aha

    Instagram - joseph.EP2

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Currently all that has been done is:
    Stainless Steel Scorpian Backbox
    Type-R Championship White Alloys (As I was told by previous owner)
    JBL 1000 Watts Sub Build
    Alpine Amplifier
    Alpine Parcel Shelf Speakers
    JVC Double Din Stereo
    Tegiwa Tow Hook
    Championship White Centre Console
    Type-R Floor Mats
    10000K LED Headlights

    (Also wind deflectors need to be fitted but need new window rubber seals xD)

    Soon to come (What I want in the future):
    Stage 1 or 2 Clutch • Coilovers • Manifold/ Decat • Intake System/ Induction Kit • Exhaust Stainless Steel Centre Piece Replacement
    Alloys Replacement • Anti Roll Bars • Carbon Fibre Mugen Spoiler • Stuke Lips • Camshaft • more...

  1. Sadly I have lost my EP2. Crashed the car in February and everything is gone including all belongings inside.
    Very luckily I came out with just a few bruises from my Seatbelt. Just fitted Type-R Seats and everything was running smooth too...

    Absolutely loved this car and would recommend one to anyway. This car did save my life with the airbags and stability as the car went up in flames after i got out. As insurance is sky rocketed atm i cannot afford another. But one day ill get a Honda again and restart the build.

    Now driving a Citroen Saxo - For a stupid insurance price that hits hard aha (but just glad i'm still here)

    Just time to start saving slowly to get a new EP and enjoy again.

    You don't want to see pics as its painfull (especially when I watched my pride and joy go up in flames) :Sobbing:
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