The Difficult Child
Daily Driver Owned by Calum Duncan

  • Daily driver. Bought in Feb 2013.

    Seen some battles but has come through. Great on long journeys.

    Needs new throttle plate. (I think)
    Leaky back rear passenger windows.
    Bruised Alloys
    Pulls to the left.
    Bit of an oil burner. (Not so much now after its service on July 2014)
    Alloys need replaced or refurbished. Would like bigger wheels. Currently 16"
    In need of a good polish. Has blemishes on bonnet.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    No mods

    Service History & Related Threads

    Since Feb 2013:
    New Exhaust Manifold
    New Tires

    Full Service
    Renew front discs and pads
    renew both lower wishbone arms
    renew top wishbone arm
    renew o/s/f antiroll bar link
    renew number plate bulb
    renew n/s/f headlight bulb and sidelight bulb

    Cleaned Throttle Plate
    Front left headlight unit replaced due to crack allowing water in. - Replaced
    Condensation in both headlight units.
  1. Mine is turning out to be one of those difficult but worth it cars! Did you find a solution to your pulling to the left issue?
  2. Headlight changed. Slight condensation in both at the moment. Saw a trick where you can take the bulb out, dry it with a hair-drier and then seal the top with silicone. The other headlight needs a polish. Its pretty bad at the moment so I'll try the trick with toothpaste and see if that makes a difference.

    See if I can get some before and after shots in too.
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