The Coupe
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  • My 2002 Honda Civic Coupe (EM2)

    The back story...
    So I bought her in October 2011. I never had the intention of going out to buy an EM2 to be honest but have always been a Honda fan since a young age. I was after something as an upgrade from my first car (93 Corolla), so my dad told me about this Civic that was up for sale around the corner, went to have a look and instantly fell in love with it.

    Now the car had a few body work issues that ideally needed dealing with when it was bought and it came to a point where I either swallow the cost of these repairs and keep the car long term or run it for several months and sell it on. After having looked at what our American friends were doing to these cars I was amazed and well I don't need to tell you what happened next but its safe to say the modding bug kicked in!

    So where are we at now...
    It'll be 6 years this year that I've owned her (can't believe it myself), I've done a lot, spent a lot and been through a lot, my parents, my relatives, my friends and my head all tell me to get rid, cut my losses and buy something else, but I could never bring myself to do it, not just yet anyway.

    So whats next...
    I'm happy for the most part with how she sits, I'm happy with the exterior, I'm happy with the interior and I like the way I've made her handle, however there's just one area where she lacks; power! Now I thought about going down the K20 conversion route, I even started buying the parts I needed, but that soon changed after going out in a few turbo cars. This coupled with the fact that I like to do things differently, I mean that is after all why I've bought a Civic that sold in poor numbers in the UK and is universally loathed in the Honda community :lol: , I realised I need a turbo! So I sold all my K swap parts that I accumulated and then began collecting the parts I need to build a D17 turbo setup! Now I'm still not finished and there's still a ton of parts I need before I can even start thinking about the long list of issues I'll need to overcome, but it will happen soon enough so watch this space!

    I'd like to add too that I have been fortunate enough to meet and deal with a whole host of awesome people along the way of this build. Its great knowing there's a good community of people that'll support each other not just in Europe but from across the pond too.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Exterior and Styling:

    • De-bagded boot lid aprt from 'H' emblem.
    • 12x6" USA Sized Plates.
    • Philips Diamond Vision 5000k Headlight Bulbs.
    • Factory USDM Only HFP Aero Body Kit (Rear Lip, Side Skirts and Front Lip).
    • DC5 Bonnet Dampers.
    • JDM Sedan RS Grill.
    • Windows Tinted.
    • OEM European facelift tail lights.
    • 17" Evo 8 Wheels


    • I.C.E. Upgraded (Double DIN Headunit, OEM Optional Tweeters, Pioneer 6x9's, Front Component Speakers and Subwoofer).
    • DC5 MOMO Steering Wheel.
    • Skunk2 Weighted Gear Knob.
    • Replica Mugen Pedals :shh:
    • EP3 Leather seats.
    • Revo Technica Short Shifter.

    Engine and Performance:

    • Ultra Racing Strut Brace.
    • Eibach Sportline Springs paired with Bilstein B8 Peformance Dampers.
    • Eibach/SPC Front Camber Bolts and Rear Camber Arms.
    • Factory EP3 Rear Strut Brace.
    • JDM EP3 Rear Anti Roll Bar.
    • 5 Stud Hub conversion from the EP2 Civic Sport.
    • EP3 Front 300mm Brake Conversion.
    • HEL Braided Brake lines.
  1. Few pics I took yesterday...



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  2. @Diz and I go way back. Been friends for years on Facebook, met several times and attended Mimms despite being the opposite ends of Britain basically. Great guy and great car, don't even hint at selling up...that's what plebs like me do :Tongue:
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  3. Damn i forgot how nice it looked with the Pentas.
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    1. Diz Avatar
      It did but I prefer the Evo wheels.
      Diz, Sunday 23rd Apr, 2017
  4. Wow this is absolutely gorgeous :Wub:

    Please load more photo's when you can so I can :dribble: some more :Wink:
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    1. Diz Avatar
      Thanks, uploaded a few just now from last night :Smile:
      Diz, Sunday 23rd Apr, 2017
  5. That's one beautiful coupe!
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      Diz, Sunday 23rd Apr, 2017
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