The Black Knight
Previously Owned Owned by tee

  • The Beast! Owned for just over a year, this was by far the most enjoyable car I've owned. My current car is the best all rounder but this was just heaps of fun. Ran on LPG (of course) with a few tasteful yet stealthy mods.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    LPG System
    HID Kit
    Cold Air Intake
    Wind Deflectors (for the cools)
    Tinted windows (for more Blaaack)
    Strut Brace (for the extra weight) :Wink:
    Double Din Entertainment System

    I'll update as I remember more.
  1. Stunning Type-R love this model and this looks about the best I've seen, awesome!
  2. EP Threeeeeeeee :vtec:
  3. @Nels Well spotted mate :Wink: thought I'd add to the pictures while I was editing it too :Smile:
  4. Oh, that's terrible. :no:
    I thought you still had her as the listing says 'Daily Driver'?
  5. Thanks @Nels :Grin: she really was a beaut I don't own it any more, it was written off by the guy who bought it from me.
  6. Nice looking ride you've got there @tee :Grin:
  7. RIP Beefy, written off by the owner after @tee :Sobbing:

    Who'd know looking at the engine bay picture that it was converted to LPG :Grin::Whistle: