The Beast
Daily Driver Owned by amistry

  • So some picture of the car!! Some modifications will be coming along at some point want to see what's available.... Any idea's welcome!!
  1. Smashing name and beautiful colour too! :Thumbup:
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  2. awesome car

    pardon the 3 posts.
    couldn't see that message had been posted so repeated, again and
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  3. awesome car
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  4. Ooh! Lovely motor.
    Shame these are seemingly so rare, but gives yours extra exclusivity. Do these have SH-AWD? The drive train looks like a similar setup.
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    1. amistry Avatar
      Yes, SH-AWD is standard I believe
      amistry, Tuesday 7th Mar, 2017
    2. BB Baboonface Avatar
      Epic! Heard it is a very good system. (Also seen a guy shove the whole shebang into an EG Civic!!)
      As for mods, maybe looking at stuff for the Acura RL? The US guys always seem to come up with crazy cool stuff to add on.
      BB Baboonface, Thursday 9th Mar, 2017
  5. Looking for some inspiration check this absolute beauty which if I had the money would have bought in a heart beat when went up for sale. It's Hond-R's ex demo car :dribble:

    Unable to insert pic - will try on your project log :Niceone:
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    1. amistry Avatar
      I've seen this one before, it looks amazing!! But parts seem to be few and far between!!
      amistry, Friday 24th Feb, 2017
  6. Love the name "The Beast!" .. very fitting :Smile:
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  7. nice looking auto Legend mate are back windows tinted...
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    2. andy83 Avatar
      what size alloys you thinking mate the legend looks a classy motor..
      andy83, Monday 6th Feb, 2017
    3. amistry Avatar
      Was hoping to get either a set of original 18"....Unfortunately, Honda have discontinued them. Or go big with 20's something classy to keep inline with the cars looks. Open to suggestions...
      amistry, Monday 6th Feb, 2017
    4. andy83 Avatar
      mate i'd look about over the net as you say want keep it classy...
      andy83, Monday 6th Feb, 2017