"Symfon" accord SJ 1G
Daily Driver Owned by Minor0034

  • In the beginning of nineties, couple years after so called velvet revolution, when my country got free and the free world opened up for us, I sort of randomly bought from a friend of mine his honda accord 1st Generation. This started up my "honda period" and made me a huge fan of hondas, especially of the old ones. My favourite period of time is the the end of 80 and beginning of 90 with its sporty models such as CR-X EE8 or Civic EE9. But many years after my first accord SJ the memory of it and its four round eyes started to haunt me and I began to look over all Europe to get a decent piece.
    After some time I managed to find a nice accord in the Netherlands, the price was fair, the location little bit too far, but then if you love your honda, the distance is no obstacle, right?
    And so since last summer I have again this nicely shaped hatchback in very nice condition, originally sold in France to a lady, which years later moved to Netherlands and there the car after her death passed in the family.
    It got a new paint in 2000 and there is really only minimum rust on it. The main trouble I had with it were the infamous door lock silencers and thus the constant need to slam the door hard. I bought new silencers from a guy in Genova who is probably the only one to have supplies of those from old honda stocks. They were not cheap, but the door close now quite silently with a decent thump.
    Well, I may add few lines later but for now I think it is enough just to introduce myself and my "symfon" aka "symphonic" as I call it.
    Oh, by the way I am a member of Czech Honda club and at this moment I am the only one to have this car in working order.
  1. Fantastic looking car, and excellent photography!