Sturdy steed.
Daily Driver Owned by YorkshireAlan

  1. 8th Generation 2.4... what great taste !! :Smile:
    1. YorkshireAlan Avatar
      Thanks. The only things I don't like about the 8th Generation are the reduced boot size and the privacy glass in the rear, but you have no option with the EX.
      YorkshireAlan, Wednesday 7th Jan, 2015
  2. Great to see a 2014 Accord. :party:
  3. I don't like diesels because of the pollution. The power and torque of the 2.4 are sufficient for me. No I bought it at my local dealer in Hertfordshire, new a year ago. I had to replace my 2005 model and this had just come into the country, fortunately for me.
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  4. The best engine for the CW2 in my opinion , please do post more picture Alan :Niceone:

    LP registration that would mean a London car on lease?
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