stream 2.0 se tiptronic
Previously Owned Owned by andy83

  • hi all i feel now is time to add more info we are so proud of this motor just a shame the some peoples ideal of car maintenance is low but with this old girl I feel she still got heart to keep going and kick up her heals from time to time when she needs to just need handling with care will do my best to keep this updated.

    update found out today 10/12/2016 stream has headlight washer they pop up....

    21/01/2017 today finshed first of three changes of psf and already power steering seems better...

    31/01/2017 well with having had rain again today put some pics of beading on the stream roll on warmer weather....

    24/02/2017 checked miles today 172,270...

    11/07/2017 well all tonight the stream got sold on to her new keeper a very happy buyer ...

    Service History & Related Threads

    • knock sensor replaced
    • oil and oil filter changed
    • air filter and coolant
    all the above done at just over 170,000
    • headlight polished up
    • all brakes ordered and will get done along with brake fluid change - job now done !!!
    • 4 falken tyres fitted
    • gearbox oil to be changed...
    • top of shocks painted under bonnet

    • gearbox oil changed today 1st out 3 to be done
    • power steering fluid being changed...
    • changed spark plugs

    • headlights cleaned and polished up....

    • project list for 2017
    • try to restore alloy wheels x4
  1. A well loved,well looked after Honda.
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    1. andy83 Avatar
      thank you mate I try my best...
      andy83, Tuesday 28th Mar, 2017
  2. Glad to see a proud owner doing justice to such a rare model on these shores.
    Hmmn, would love to find out if the PNA cylinder head flows as well as the PPA from the K24A1.
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    1. andy83 Avatar
      thanks mate I like the K20 she a stock engine....
      andy83, Thursday 9th Mar, 2017
  3. Hi do you know a lot about Honda streams
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      a fair bit why mate...
      andy83, Saturday 25th Feb, 2017
  4. uploaded a pic of my engine oil on dipstick today...
  5. tyres was fitted other day and apox miles 171,526
  6. proof of mileage
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  7. she will when fully restored..
    p.s. tho mrs has nick named it boggy as she not like green
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  8. Your girl is looking mighty fine for 170k! :Niceone:
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  9. we had it at just over a 170,000 aprox so for piece of mind got these done.
  10. Wow grand miles
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