"Stealth" 2001 Honda Accord Sport
Daily Driver Owned by TonyK7ng

  • I'm a newish owner of a lovely 2001 Black Accord 1.8 Vtec Sport which I brought 3 weeks ago and I Love it.
    She's covered 123k miles and has full Honda history with her, new gearbox and clutch in 2011, cambelt was replaced in 2009 @75,892 miles. Ect.
    Since I've had her I've done a few bits:
    *new spark plugs,
    *new oil filter,
    *5/40 fully synthetic oil
    *new fuel filter
    *New HKS Panel filter
    *removed and clean the Throttle Body
    * flushed clutch fluid
    * changed transmission fluid
  1. Looking good.
    Would you recommend the HKS and the throttle body clean up?
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