SMSA CR-X 1.6L 215hp
Weekend Toy Owned by ihearthonda

  • Entirely striped and rebuilt

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Specs: Engine: B16A 215HP @10k rpm
    Jun camshaft stage 3,
    valves spring and retainers RZCREWgarage
    High comp piston 81.5mm
    RZ Cam gears
    Supertech flat valves
    CNC Radius angles valves job
    CNC Port n Polish,
    block skimmed Block pinned (no block guard, it allows better flow for endurance racing)
    Clevite HX brand new bearing
    Balanced crank
    Hasport billet mount
    Jun type intake manifold with 85mm Throttle body.
    Blitz filter and custom intake
    Gates timing belt
    Spoon 4/1 exhaust manifold, the first generation made for b16
    Custom made oil catch tank with breather plug.
    Custom made exhaust with Magnaflow muffler

    YS1 gearbox
    OS giken 4.9 final drive
    Mugen LSD 1.5 way Spoon gear ratios ( 205km at 10k rpm in 5th gear, Pasir gudang ready)

    Fully lightened with 7 point roll cage welded to the chassis
    Lexan window for the rear Welded sunroof
    Tein suspension just rebuilt and custom for the car. (all seals changed and dampening adjusted for the car)
    Full nylon bushing all round
    hardrace trailing arm bushing
    19mm rear anti roll bar
    Skunk 2 front camber kit
    Js racing rear camber kit
    Buddy club front lower arm extender
    Cusco front bar
    SSR 16" rims on semi slick
    Wilwood 4 pot brake kit 306mm in front with new willwood carbon brake pad ( the stock wilwood brake pads are lousy)
    Rear Ebc yellow brake pad.

    recaro SPG bucket seat carbon for driver
    Takata harness Race 4,
    ARK multi display gauge ( all the info you need on one screen)
    Spoon gearknob and lot of small stuff i forget

    All rust as been treated on the car and the rear quarter panel changed
    Extended front lip.
    Funny spoiler because race car!
  1. Yes video clip of this 10krpm range please. I imagine its an awesome machine to drive.
  2. Wow that's quite the mod list would love to see more :nodding: :morephotos:
  3. That is a sick list of mods. Please do upload a video clip of the car and we need more pictures. :Smile: