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  • Honda Accord 1.6i LS 1999
    Country: The Netherlands
    Province: Noord-Brabant
    Fuel: Petrol
    Car's Birth-date: 19-03-1999
    Top-speed: 195km/h (tested on the Autobahn)
    Acceleration (0-60mph/0-100km/h) 12,2 seconds (factory)
    Doors: 4
    Engine power: 85 kW (116 PS)
    Cylinders: 4
    Cylinder-volume: 1590 cc
    Mass (empty): 2712 lbs / 1230 kg
    Road tax costs (based on location and mass): € 568,- per year
    No airco
    No cruise control
    Heated outdoor mirrors
    Electric windows in front and back
    Lumbar support
    Alloy wheels
    I am the second owner

    Service History & Related Threads

    24-March-2018: Buying the car.
    29-March-2018: Bringing the car to the (dutch) MOT (APK)
    3-April-2018: Picking the car up from the MOT ( mileage: 93330 km / 57993 miles )
    - new tires (Vredestein 185/70HR14 sportrac 5)
    - new oil filter
    - refilled coolant gl12+
    - fixed broken stabilizer bar
    - replaced timing belt
    7-April-2018: Washed the car
    10-April-2018: Added Hondakarma sticker
    17-April-2018: Reset SRS light at a trustworthy Honda dealer. ( mileage: 94454 km / 58691 miles )
    25-May-2018: Replaced pump for the windscreen cleaner spray.
    26-May-2018: Replaced center caps with Honda logos that I got on my birthday ( today )
    27-May-2018: Took the car to HondaFest in Meppen, Germany. ( mileage: 97081 km / 60323 miles )
  1. Looks like it is in good shape, congrats on the Accord! Would be interested in knowing how the 1.6 is in this car. Is it sufficient enough :vtec:
    Road tax costs is pretty high in the Netherlands.
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    2. tree Avatar
      ....about road tax, yeah :SOS:, it's probably the most expensive in the EU, then the 2nd most expensive in Europe, after Norway. Same for fuel prices. ( it's worse when i talk about insurance :shock: :hairout: )
      tree, Monday 2nd Apr, 2018
    3. Fiskekutteren Avatar
      Insurance is expensive everywhere :Grin:
      Fiskekutteren, Monday 2nd Apr, 2018
    4. tree Avatar
      True, especially at our age ;-)
      tree, Monday 2nd Apr, 2018
  2. More pictures comming soon when it is back from the MOT checkup! :Wink::Photographer::morephotos:
    When its back I'm going to do a full hand wash. :OTT:
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