SiR Eg6 Civic
Previously Owned Owned by Giochanni

  1. This looked lovely and clean
  2. This is very it from Japan?
    I like the 2 peace boot.
    What is your location?
    1. Giochanni Avatar
      Yeh was a Jdm although I bought it from a guy in Liverpool. I no longer have the car. Think it's been broken up for parts now.
      Giochanni, Tuesday 5th Jul, 2016
  3. Can't remember all the mods off top of my head. Alot was done to engine bay. Superlight weight Flywheel, manifold, arc filter, S2000 seats, rare jdm wheels, dc2 brakes and gearbox and steering rack. Had so much fun in this one, and without doubt the b16 is my favourite engine.
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  4. that is pretty awesome.. tell us more about it.
  5. That's cool looking EG6