Silver surfer
Daily Driver Owned by K_A_N_O

  • 2005 pre facelift satin silver 2.4 Type-S CL9 non navi.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Chassis / handling / wheels / brakes
    • HSD coilovers
    • Ultra racing strut brace
    • Summer wheels - Enkei PF01SS 17X9
    • Winter Wheels - Mitsubishi Evo 9 Enkei 17X8
    • ATR front callipers
    • braided brake lines
    • ATE super blue brake fluid
    • Custom Kane spec 3" K&N intake
    • RRC Intake manifold
    • J35 64mm Throttle Body
    • 06 TSX intake camshaft & 40*VTC gear
    • 08 TSX ECU
    • TSX Flashpro
    • Tuned by TDI North 260BHP 210 lb ft
    • DC5 Gear ratios (M&M DC5 1st - 3rd gear ratios OEM DC5 4th - 6th)
    • Spoon LSD
    • Lightweight Flywheel
    • Exedy stage 2 clutch
    • WeaponR exhaust manifold
    • 200 cell Sports cat (Keeping it legal )
    • Skunk2 megapower cat back ( too loud )
    Exterior / Aero
    • Mugen Grille
    • Mugen spoiler
    • Wind deflectors
  1. Hi @KANO any rubbing issues with those EVo 9 wheels 8x17 ET38?
  2. added a few from japfest last month with the new spoilees :Smile:
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  3. Right I'm going to do you a guide of how to add new pics lol :Smile:
    • Click on right of bar near top with your name K A N O
    • Then press 'your profile page'
    • Scroll down and press 'garaged vehicles'
    • Click on your car name 'silver surfer' in blue
    • Scroll down to bottom and will see garage option's and press 'edit vehicle' in blue
    • Scroll past service history & related threads then below where says image constraints you will finally see the 'upload images to gallery' button :Smile:
    Now have wrote it like this it is long but easy when you know how although I'm sure a staff member will prob tell you a much easier way now but this is how i know to do it :Tongue:
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    1. Leo at H-Tune Avatar
      Leo at H-Tune, Tuesday 24th Feb, 2015
    2. K24 CL9 GUY Avatar
      Well I tried :Smile:
      K24 CL9 GUY, Tuesday 24th Feb, 2015
    3. Leo at H-Tune Avatar
      Not knocking you at all mate!
      Leo at H-Tune, Tuesday 24th Feb, 2015
  4. Mate adding new pics is easy man as I'm not too clever on here (I blame my phone for this) but adding pics is one thing can do well lol :Tongue: Just look for the 'add images to gallery'

    Aha well they did say changed it so fit the CL9+7 but it clearly didn't as was touching left corner of my engine and nearly shook it to peices :-o
  5. Ha ha ace I guess you couldn't miss mine with the purple wheels n how loud it is lol :Tongue:

    Ain't a place to be driving when the rugby is on as is silly busy n drive round the other way lol ;-)

    Have you seen my thread I posted about the Strut brace? I actually bought the straight one but when it arrived it was different as saying is now not in production :-(
    Did you notice a difference in handling with it on as have noticed HondR have it for sale?
    1. K_A_N_O Avatar
      i took a picture of my bay earlier to show you the brace i just need to figure out how to get it up. it felt a lot tighter in the corners but could have been placeebo effect i guess . the straight one i have is for the CL7, not the CL9 i think, the gap between the valve cover and the bar is very tight and it does hit but nothing major, had to raise the AC pipe aswell bout it really.
      K_A_N_O, Tuesday 24th Feb, 2015
  6. RALPH! how do i upload more pictures!
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    2. SpeedyGee Avatar
      As Guys says, click on edit, then scroll to the very bottom you will see a "Add Images to Gallery" button
      SpeedyGee, Saturday 21st Feb, 2015
    3. Leo at H-Tune Avatar
      These guys have got your back, I know Ralph is my first name mate - but it's Leo to most :Smile:
      Leo at H-Tune, Saturday 21st Feb, 2015
    4. K_A_N_O Avatar
      ahhh yes ill log on on my phone and do it then :Smile: thanks
      K_A_N_O, Tuesday 24th Feb, 2015
  7. Very nice indeed and loving the mod list, looking forward to mine being at this stage in the future :Smile: Can we get some more pics please and would love one of your bay as see you have a UR Strut brace which I bought recently but didn't fit as had changed the design :-(
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    1. K24 CL9 GUY Avatar
      No way just noticed you live in Glos aswel.... Where bouts as not seen your beast about? I live in Kingsholm. Will have to hook up some time so can experience what mine would be like a 260 bhp :-D
      K24 CL9 GUY, Friday 20th Feb, 2015
    2. K_A_N_O Avatar
      thanks :Smile: , yea I've got the older brace to you i think, the straight one. I've seen you about in yours loads :Wink: lol . was in kingsholm earlier dropping the parents at the rugby, im only down the road in longford
      K_A_N_O, Saturday 21st Feb, 2015
  8. thanks for all the nice comments everyone :Smile:
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  9. Beautifully done .
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  10. Welcome another Silver Surfer :Smile: Nice Accord!
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