Silver Lady
Daily Driver Owned by Kiwi Mark

  • Daily driver, pretty much stock at the moment, as per Japanese Domestic Market. Monsoon guards, original Pioneer mini-disc head unit, replacing lighting with leds. Very tidy for its age as are most imports out here. Had a '99 3 door in the UK so couldn't miss the chance to buy this one :Smile: . And so far the CVT is still working...On the hunt for some oem alloys next...
    May 2017, now had the HR-V for 12 months. Pleased to say no issues! Thank you Honda! Also found picture of previous 3 Door that I had in the UK a few years back plus 2 taken at Glentanner near Mt. Cook.
    September 2017, added a couple of photos of clean car. :Smile:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Nothing drastic, just some minor improvements. Tow bar and wiring (very useful out here in the sticks!), replaced interior lights with LEDs, fitted aero style wiper blades (quieter and better performance). Still trying to find some OEM alloys...
    April 2018, finally got some new wheels, 17'' ex Subaru Legacy, currently wearing 215/55 Bridgestone Blizzak winter tyres, as we've already had the first snow of the season!

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full up to date service history, including cam belt and cvt fluid replacement at 100000 kms.
    Passed annual NZ Warrant of Fitness (MoT test), May '17, at 106000 kms, with no faults.
    April 2018. Coming up for the second WoF in a couple of weeks. Still behaving itself beautifully at 124000kms. Doing a daily commute of 120kms (approx. 75 miles) return.
    11/05/18 HR-V passed its annual Warrant of Fitness test today. That's another year of motoring completed, another 20000 kms, with zero down time and the maintenance costs of an oil and filter change and a pair of wiper blades. Not bad for a 14 year old Honda! :Smile:
  1. These still look fresh and contemporary. Well ahead of its time.
  2. Nice tidy car. Good luck with the wheel hunt.
  3. Nice nice. Add more pictures please
  4. ^5 from Ireland to a fellow 1st Generation HR-V owner!
  5. Nice one please do add more pictures when you can.
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