Silver Bullet
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    FN2 Type-r alloys awaiting fitment
  1. I quite like those alloys too ! What size are they ?
    1. edj777 Avatar
      they are 17s. They will be for sale soon enough as I've FN2 type-r alloys sitting at my parents house to go on :Grin:
      edj777, Friday 4th Mar, 2016
  2. Lovely looking 7th Generation, I loke those alloys on it.
    1. edj777 Avatar
      Thanks bud. Really? Im not so keen on them so got some FN2 type-r alloys at the weekend which im yet to get fitted
      edj777, Monday 29th Feb, 2016
    2. exec Avatar
      Yep I like them, the flat design and size fits really flush with the car, usually cars look like stilts on big alloys, that blends in well!
      exec, Wednesday 2nd Mar, 2016
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