SIL Jazz
Daily Driver Owned by agadza

  • Got this for my latest convert to Honda over the weekend. A problem with thge EML, so I will be spending time in the Jazz section
  1. Yes, drives very well too - and everything in working order = FSH, part Honda. Took a bit of a risk - the EML has been on for a while and the seller said Honda could not identify the fault even though they did a diagnostic and changed the EGR. They advised them to drive it without worrying about the EML and in two years of ownership no problems reported.
    I knocked some £400 of the asking price and now need to investigate whether resetting the ECU might do the trick. This seems to be a common problem on this model. The documentation did not show that Honda had done this.
    Hope I am in luck; this will be a great bargain!!
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      You can start the discussions in your Project Log. I have already posted my question over there so simply reply there. This place is best suited for people commenting on your car :Wink:
      legend-ary, Monday 5th Sep, 2016
  2. Wow just 44k! Looks to be in excellent condition! :Smile:
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      I think my reply to your comment ended up underneath the original post (lol)
      agadza, Monday 5th Sep, 2016
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