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Weekend Toy Owned by The Writer

  • Car is standard as it left the factory. Originated in the Isle of Wight.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    No mods yet. Maybe a Battery and oil pressure gauge.
  1. Karl will do so in time nelsy..just need the Cheshire cat grin to come off this face that will take a few weeks :Happy:
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    1. Nels Avatar
      I hope he has that grin every time he drives her. :Smile:
      Nels, Sunday 18th Oct, 2015
  2. I have just spent two days seeing this old girl and I and Karl have invested a lot of time to iron all the car issues which were stopping this car from becoming mint.

    1) Engine oil change oil filter changed
    2) ATF fluid changed
    3) Air filter and petrol filter change
    4) Carb overhaul and ultrasonic cleaned, new packing new orings and striped and put back.
    5) New spark plugs
    6) NOS dizzy cap , new rotar.
    7) NOS NGK HT leads
    8) All new Vacuum hoses for vacuum advance
    9) carb set and timing set.
    10) Timing belt change
    11) new coolant and flush
    12) a few dozen some tweaks which are trade secrets :spiteful: which will not tell anyone.

    This car is brand new its an epic transformation and we both are over the moon with the results this poor old neglected girl has a massive grin on her face so did we.
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    1. Nels Avatar
      That's great news. I hope Karl can now keep her to the standard she should have been maintained to in the first place.
      Nels, Sunday 18th Oct, 2015
    2. Ichiban Avatar
      Oh she is in the best possible hands and a good home for years to come,all those years of bouncing about has come to an end. Karl has addressed her long term issues and we have rolled back the years and she is superb in every sense .Karl is as fastidious as me I am so glad to find someone on the same wavelength as me and we both did what was needed to get this poor old girl grinning.

      PS I may need tro fettle my car this car is running better for an hondamatic also!!
      Ichiban, Sunday 18th Oct, 2015
  3. It's always great to see a 'well loved' 1st Generation - You're part of a very exclusive group.
    Once you've sorted out the garnish issue, please post up more photographs.
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