Second Accord CL9
Daily Driver Owned by allan_tifa

  • Honda <3

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Full led interior/license plate
    6000k hid
    K&N induction kit
    Buddyclub n+ spec coilovers
    Recaro r3 half leather seats
    17" evo9 enkei alloys
    Carbon dipped bonnet strip
    Front and back facelift ep3 red bagdes
    Spoon n1 cat back single exit
    Carbon fibre mugen style spoiler
    Mugen gear knob
  1. One of the best looking 7th gens I have seen!
  2. No straight forward facelift ep3 badge straight fit all you need is either a knife or flat head to remove the oem badge then fit new job done
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    2. allan_tifa Avatar
      Yea there's 2 pins in the silver h but also with the new red badge and adhesive too
      allan_tifa, Saturday 10th May, 2014
    3. Irishgooner Avatar
      Thanks buddy I be ordering one Monday cheers
      Irishgooner, Saturday 10th May, 2014
    4. allan_tifa Avatar
      No probs dude
      allan_tifa, Saturday 10th May, 2014
  3. Hi great looking car is there much work to change the Honda badge on front grille to red ??
  4. really nice look ...
    classy and elegant but sporty too ..
  5. The ride is brilliant and so much better than lowering springs can go more lower if I wanted lol
  6. ahhh i so it already so you have coil overs? hows the ride?
  7. hows the ride?
  8. how did you get your car that low? I'm looking for a eibach pro kit but i want my ride height to be similar to yours
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