SCKAPE's little bandit ;)
Track Project Owned by SCKAPE

  1. it looks so angry! i love it! haha!
  2. I wonder if @Ichiban can merge for @SCKAPE that way the project log could be accessed from here
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    2. DrSam Avatar
      DrSam, Tuesday 3rd Jan, 2017
    3. Ichiban Avatar
      All done project log is now the central holder for this project build.
      Ichiban, Tuesday 3rd Jan, 2017
    4. DrSam Avatar
      Wicked. Thanks
      DrSam, Tuesday 3rd Jan, 2017
  3. Please see his build thread here duff link
  4. looks mega this. Turbo or NA? can't quite see.. what engine u running?
    1. SCKAPE Avatar
      No... it is not a TURBO...
      It is...
      D13B2 :Smile:
      SCKAPE, Tuesday 3rd Jan, 2017
  5. I'd love to make a track car like this
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