Daily Driver Owned by Hawki

  • Purchased in February 2016
    Completely stock - Interior excellent condition, exterior needs paint, drive train in amazing condition.
    Planned Mods;
    • New Paint (original color)
    • New Wheels (17 x 7.5")
    • New Tires (215/40/17)
    • Front and Rear Strut Tower Bars
    • Rebuild the exhaust system with headers
    • New distributor cap, coil and rotor
    • New AKG Plugs and Wire Set

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Replaced my stereo head unit with a Pioneer DEH-X8700BS, replaced both door damaged 6.5" speakers.
    Bypassed Honda's Acoustic Feedback System because of the new head unit.

    Service History & Related Threads

    02/2016 Audio system updates
  1. More pictures please. A car that nice can't be camera shy
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  2. Awesome to see another Prelude on here.
    Fabulous base to start with. The engine bay cleanliness is to die for.
    Looks pretty much brand new :Smile:
    Watch out on the auto gearboxes in these. They are not known to be very reliable and fail quickly.

    Did you get to hear the acoustic feedback system?
    I think it was a system with microphones in the rear speakers and was supposed to adjust the sound accordingly.
    Apparently it was good technology at the time but people say its pretty poor by today's standards.

    Good luck with the plans. These projects always take time but the results will be worth it :Smile:
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    1. Hawki Avatar
      I did hear the original head unit and I think the potential was there ... it's just so hard to support one of the rear speakers if one fails. The 6x9's with the built in microphone are not that easy to come by. When I installed my new head unit I went ahead and bypassed the AFBS and gained back about 300-400% of the lost volume. It's not a difficult mod to make and it opened the door for any aftermarket speaker one wants to install.
      Hawki, Sunday 13th Mar, 2016
  3. That engine bay looks just fantastic - so clean.
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    1. Hawki Avatar
      I'm a little OCD about those kinds of things. Every time I do a detailing of the car, I include the engine compartment. And thanks!!
      Hawki, Friday 11th Mar, 2016
  4. She looks like a cracker @Hawki :Smile:
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    1. Hawki Avatar
      She is a total kick in the ars!!
      Hawki, Thursday 10th Mar, 2016
  5. She looks lovely - look forward to seeing how she progresses. I have a similiar married regulator too so I know the feeling.
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    1. Hawki Avatar
      I don't think there are many married guys around here that don't ...
      Hawki, Wednesday 9th Mar, 2016
  6. Your BB6 looks it top shape Dave.
    Please record your work on your Project log. I for one will be watching with interest.
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    1. Hawki Avatar
      I hope I don't disappoint. Like most, the wife will be my sanity and parts spending regulator. Change will come in a conservative manor.
      Hawki, Wednesday 9th Mar, 2016