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  • Going to take ownership of this car in a couple of days, but thought I'd get a headstart on the garage entry :Smile:

    She's had one owner from new, who's taken very good care of her. Full main dealer service history. No MOT failures,and very few advisories in her 13 years. Engine looks VERY clean, as does interior. Has an issue with the petrol gauge not going below 50%, so you gotta guess when you about to run out of fuel by using trip monitor :Grin:

    Though I'd love to really do her up and make a proper show car out of her, she's meant to be my daily, so I'm not going overboard on her.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    As she is -
    No modifications, and I'm not sure what counts as optional extras on this model, however she has -
    • OEM sat nav with multi disc changer
    • heated seats
    • electric seats
    • sunroof
    • full leather interior
    To do -
    • Diagnose and resolve issue with fuel level sensor - DONE (fuel pump, sender and filter replaced)
    • Install dual dashcams - DONE
    • Install reversing camera - DONE
    • Fitted reversing camera above number plate, replacing faulty one that went in number plate light - DONE
    • Replaced interior bulbs with LEDs to give a 'newer' look with white light as opposed to the yellow glow the original bulbs give - DONE
    • Apex Lowering springs (35mm) - DONE
    • 18 wheels and tyres to fill out the arches - DONE
    • All round window tint (within legal limits of course) - DONE
    • Replace stereo with Pioneer Double DIN) - DONE
      • Install PAC RPH4-HD1101 Install kit- DONE
      • Install Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB- DONE
    • All round window tint (within legal limits of course) - DONE
  1. How are the APEX lowering springs? I was thinking that mine needed lowering as the saloon does sit up a little high at the rear... more than I like, and those 17's (same as yours I think) don't fill the arches as much.
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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      Springs work really well. Car feels more planted, but no noticeable loss of comfort - just watch out for those speed bumps... The wheels on Ruby are from an EP3
      RogerH69, Wednesday 20th Mar, 2019
  2. Nice car
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  3. So, getting this car was all dependant on me selling Outlander, which was dependant on Outlander getting an MOT. Unsurprisingly for a Japanese car (even though this one DOES have a German engine), the Outlander sailed through the MOT, so tomorrow The Accord will be mine :jumpy::jumpup::dribble:

    I had her booked in at Oxford Car Audio on Monday next week for the headunit install, but after getting the proper install instruction for the dash kit from Sosche (which even tells me exactly how to remove the dash and existing unit), I'll be doing the install myself this weekend (assuming weather ain't too bad)

    Other than the headunit, reversing camera and dashcams, I probably won;t do anything else to her until next year.
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  4. Nice one @RogerH69, looking forward to see your project log
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