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  • My daily Turbo charged EG6 runs 510 at the hubs, great daily never misses a beat and better on fuel then my K20 EG6 ever was lol.
  1. Wow that's one beautiful engine bay! 510 at the hubs +15% driveline losses = one big fat output!
    I'm guessing you have done some quarters .. how does she hook up with all the power going to fronts?
    1. Civboy@JSP Avatar
      Nope haven't had the chance to run it at a strip yet, will do this year. Hooks up great in the dry no traction issues at all never smash the limiter like alot of turbo hondas do. Just grips and pulls next gear same again.
      [email protected], Sunday 8th Jan, 2017
  2. Looks like you relocated the battery
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  3. mate sounds good and if you want put specs please do..
  4. Owned the EG6 for 14 years now, been boosted for 9 years. Rebuilt it in 2015, sleeved the block, new roads and pistons (won't go into spec) Done complete head work, different turbo set up this time round with a bigger turbo, moved from the GT3076R and moved to a precision turbo, made 510 at the hubs.
  5. looks nice mate more pics and info please love red !!!!
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  6. Nice Civic, show us more and tell us what you have done
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