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  • Brought new in 91 when i lived in Cyprus. It then got written off in the UK by a Civic rear ending it into a Merc about ten years later. Just added a before pic!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Had just replaced all felexable brake pipes with stainless along with disks and pads. Had replaced the cassette player with a Pioneer 6 cd changer, head unit and twin amps
  1. Thanks for the replays guy, the damage was far worse than the pictures display! it was an insurance job, even the spare got punctured when the rear floor pan folded. Still have the workshop manual, locking wheel nuts.
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  2. Guessing was an insurance job n got rid then? I'm sure would be a rare diamond in a few years :Smile:
    1. Ichiban Avatar
      Insurance wrote it off as the cost of brand new parts will make it uneconomical to repair. I would have bought it back and repaired it with salvage parts loads of these knocking about for spares.
      Ichiban, Wednesday 23rd Sep, 2015
  3. yeah it could have been saved it was a straight forward repair.
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  4. Could it not have been resuscitated @Ichiban? :-(
  5. Poor Accord RIP in Honda heaven.
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