Rem's EJ9 - The first Love
Previously Owned Owned by Remedy

  • I got this car from my dad, he bought it brand new in 1997.
    I got it with approx. 170.000km and drove it until it had 300.000km.

    Have to be honest with you:
    This girl had a hard time with us, 3 people learned to drive on it, the lack of money brought us to the point that we couldn't afford a service for her.
    When I got her, I lacked for the money, interest and knowledge in treating her right, but she never let me down.

    The fuel consumption was around 6l/100km (40mpg), but I usually would drive in the high revs area so it got around 7l (33mpg), which is quite unbelieveable with modern engines.
    Also unbelieveable today: 90ps/bhp on 1050kg, man that was fast! It would rev to 6800 and the acceleration was faster than many people would have believed.
    Who needs an A/C, I got a sunroof. Those were the times...:Grin:

    In 2010 the hood opened with 140kmh (86mph) just when I reached 300.000km.
    At that point I remember I thought: "Now not even God can stop this" and blop and it was dark.
    I was quite lucky, nothing really happened...

    Such a wonderful piece of engineering, no planned obsolescence, just engineering at its truth and best.
    It was just a 'best friend' at all times and I miss it so much.
    Hope I will have the possibility to buy another EJ9...
  1. I love your emotional attachment to this little car Remedy.
  2. Yeah, the EJ9 was really fine.
    I think the new as all the Civics were great, but I couldn't get in love with the latest design. If they would bring a Coupe Version, could look fine..
    The new Type-R looks stunning, but I am sure it will cost too much, at least here in Austria with our stupid taxes on everything.
    But it could be the first Turbo - Engine that I like...
  3. EJ9s are great little cars, they can go on and on.
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  4. Another Civic or accord sounds perfect.
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  5. I sold her right after that accident. Until now I never had such a reliable car and my next car should be again a honda and maybe never something else.
    Was thinking of an used Accord (CU) or, but I don't know if this works, an Legend. They are quite rare, but expensive in many ways...

    My dream combination would be a Legend and a S2000, but there again, a lot of money would be needed for that, next to living, eating, etc.
  6. Back when the japs made cars which whilst simple in design, were engineered to a fantastic level and not crammed full of electronics which could go wrong. I have memories of a specific car which means to me what yours meant to you. Cars do that to people, we get attached to them and the memories they provide.

    What has happened to her now?
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  7. Thanks for the hint nighthawk...
    While writing the text and looking for the pictures I nearly cried.
    I have so many memories and emotions attached to this car.
    And I am so ashamed that I couldn't find any good picture of the car or me with the car...
  8. Tell us a bit more about her?
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