Lawnmower Owned by Ichiban

  1. Nice to see that engine runs still fine even after 2000 hours of operation. Honda 4 ever !!!
    1. Ichiban Avatar
      it smokes on start up thou then subsides. It could do with rings but it will do unless it smokes like crazy.
      Ichiban, Wednesday 8th Jun, 2016
  2. Love this :Smile: Its not just about the cars! I swear by Honda mowers too.
  3. Just goes to show that when they are not abused or neglected, an Izy will just keep going. :Niceone:
    More photographs please CJ.
    1. Ichiban Avatar
      I have been washing it today so pictures tomorrow. :Smile: the grass bag needs some major TLC.
      Ichiban, Saturday 30th May, 2015