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  1. Why is it Killed????
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  2. Rest in peace little Jazz...:Sobbing:
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  3. Definitely an amazing car, but what does the boss think?
    Does she like it?
    Then again, She's got the CW2, so she must be happy. :Grin:
  4. Congrats CJ ! I've seen the MilkFloat in the flesh. Build quality is a fab and I couldn't believe how quiet the startup and engine was. It oozes Honda-ness all over.
  5. Very nice, does it feel a like small car?

    Nice mud flaps :jock:
    1. Ichiban Avatar
      Not at all its very room with a panoramic roof it has a lot of light and its quite spacious ride and handling is perfect for a small hatch with excellent weight balance from the front and back. Its is a expensive small car but I my eyes its the best mini car out there.
      Ichiban, Wednesday 4th Mar, 2015
  6. When's Jess arriving?????????
  7. That green button makes it fart flowers!
  8. Giz a go when it arrives.
    1. Duc de Pommfrit Avatar
      Which button do you want to press?
      Duc de Pommfrit, Friday 3rd Oct, 2014
  9. I ain't voting, the jury's out on that switch madness.
  10. You've got some nice switches there.
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