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  • this old girl we kept on the road for just over 3 years in that time she got 3 full clean mot's sadly since selling on towards end of last year is no long on the road. before we owned her she had been kept well and by a race engineer so was so happy to of owned her and for a 1.6 she was powerful and 1 of reasons I say Honda is 1 of the best car makers....:gohonda:
  1. Nice Rover. I think Rover should have continued using Honda engine. My dad had a 214i, I thought it was wicked.
    Always wondered why Rover and Honda looked similar when I was younger
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    1. andy83 Avatar
      if rover would of carried on using Honda power maybe they still been going instead of letting others take them over..
      andy83, Monday 19th Dec, 2016
    2. exec Avatar
      Rover were doing very well during their partnership with Honda, so much so BMW was getting worried, then decided to buy them, Rover betrayed Honda with a deal under the desk, and then BMW went onto drive the brand to its death. The rest is history.
      exec, Monday 19th Dec, 2016
    3. andy83 Avatar
      in other words rover should of not bitten the hand that feeding them but they did...
      andy83, Monday 19th Dec, 2016
  2. I will add more pics and any more info I can give
  3. she was sweet mate in time own her was 1 full set of tyres fitted brakes all round and regular service...
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  4. Great looking example. Can't remember the last time i saw a 400, yet I see the sister Civic model all the time.
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