Daily Driver Owned by Ichiban

  1. This is very smart, much prefer this shape to the ones with the completely flat rears on them :Smile:
  2. Hmm you have a long list before you.I asked that question many years ago and more then few times now.
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    1. redefined_cycles Avatar
      Well. Afyer he sells it to you I can biy off of you later. Happy days all round...
      redefined_cycles, Tuesday 23rd Dec, 2014
  3. Heehee. I thought as much. Hope it keeps going and going... surely there will come a time when 2.4 7th Generation has to go.. for that time I will be right here wait along with the rest of the eagle eyed...

  4. Hi CJ. Would have pm'd you but it stated in your profile that it aint5 good practice. Just thought i would mention that if you ever do want to sell one of your personal 2.4 tourers please would you be kind enough to keep me in mind as I would snap up asap... thanks
    1. Ichiban Avatar
      Mate you are not the first one to ask that question, It would seem I will be the only owner of this CM2 I am not giving her up that easily. I have a massive bond with that car , it busted far too many Tuned Bavarian tractors and selling it is selling a part of me .

      She will remain with me forever & she will get into concourse condition one day.
      Ichiban, Tuesday 23rd Dec, 2014
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