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  1. After 5 fantastic years this is the best Accord made in my eye, tomorrow she get a full machine polish and wax before she is sent off.

    Someone is going to get a fabulous car, we will miss her. Our new Honda has been order via Holdcroft Honda for a September delivery, its nothing special just a plain old commuter class.
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    1. andy83 Avatar
      mate someone will for sure be getting a fabulous 8th Generation Accord, I look forward to seeing what you have next mate..
      andy83, Tuesday 27th Jun, 2017
  2. He is beautiful!
  3. Fantastic!!!!
  4. Cj. We all know the 07 tourer will remain with you forever and a part of you. How about this one: will a day come when you shall finally sell this. If so, I am saving up for it already...
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  5. They are better colour shade than the 7th Generation they are white grey.
  6. I love those leathers CJ.
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