Previously Owned Owned by Ichiban

  1. I like the way it still looks brand spanking new !
    1. Ichiban Avatar
      Al my bikes always look new and ride superbly, the number of hours to keep em that way is too painful to list. Sadly she off to her new owner soon.
      Ichiban, Thursday 7th Jul, 2016
  2. That's a really nice bike, love the color
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  3. Lightning 250
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    1. Ichiban Avatar
      It's quick enough next year a bigger bike for sure the CBR600RR is gelling with me really well rode on last weekend and I love it.
      Ichiban, Thursday 2nd Jul, 2015
  4. Nice, here's what I used to have before moving to the R1 and then divorce :-/

    Me in my early days of racing
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