Weekend Toy Owned by Ichiban

  1. mate love the Colour scheme I so much wish I could ride motorbikes she looks stunning mate :gohonda::Hey::Niceone:...
  2. A brand new one of these had the sold sign in chichwick dealership. It looks like a very impressive piece of machinery. Colour scheme looks so much better in person.
  3. I hate you, it's on my list of bikes i need! Need to wear that slider down more :Wink:
    Is it a US import? I only ask as I've only seen side reflectors on bikes from US or is that UK reg now?

    Lovely machine and that HRC swing-arm oh yes! :Wub:
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  4. Seen today as @Ichiban passed me on the M62,I knew it could be no one else as i could see it gleaming in the sun from about 2 miles away. Very nice indeed.
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    1. Ichiban Avatar
      I had spotted your car off your number plate! Sorry could not stop had to make progress :Smile:
      Ichiban, Monday 1st Aug, 2016
  5. I traded the following (2013 Fireblade ABS) for the SP. Bought this new and a bit sad to see it go. Then the SP was unloaded from the van...
    2013 CBR1000RR Repsol
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  6. That is one awsome looking bike, very jealous. Congrats :Thumbup:
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