Garaged Owned by Ichiban

  1. WOW!!!!
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  2. Where it all started from, amazing!
  3. A properly lovely original and rare as anything Honda. Cherish it!
  4. proper car very nice indeed.
  5. Lovely car. I used to own a 76 model. OHC 157R. I eventually gave it to the local Scouts jumble sale. It had 212,000 on the clock and was very rusty. I did about 130,000 miles in it and it never let me down. Yours is in fantastic condition.:happycrying:
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  6. what a beauty!
    .... and it looks like a new just bought car.
  7. love the interior, am I dreaming or the rear lights are very similar to the 4th Generation Civic ??
  8. definitely one of my favourite cars on here, she is a credit to you cj.
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  9. My uncle had one of these when I was a boy. He told me it was a Mercedes-Benz. I was alway impressed.

    Ever since I have been driving Hondas he (and my aunt) reminisces about how nice to drive it was. Much better than their current Zafira.

    Great work. Congrats!
  10. Nice one...
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