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  • Daily driver, serviced by Honda. Timing belt, brakes and clutch all renewed recently. Dunlop Blue Response tyres just added. What a difference they make from the budgets it came with!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Sony Radio added a while back
  1. Just seen Red appear in the garage pictures above. Another MoT pass, with advisories for rusty brake pipes rear offside, and rusty rear anti roll bar and exhaust. Three months later notice brake fluid under the car. Rear offside brake pipe failure. Took it to my local garage...another £140. I am getting diminishing returns now; we have advisories on anti roll bar and exhaust, and with ageing power steering, suspension, radiator, air con, electrics, fuel system etc still to be renewed I can no longer see a reason to keep her going beyond another MoT. And looking at values on the net for 1999 1.8 Accords I could have purchased three others for what I have recently spent on Red.

    I had a bout of mid life crisis a while back and decided I needed an open top car like a Mazda MX5 or Honda 2000. Luckily the MX5 was too small for me, and the Honda's too rare and expensive. Mid life crisis went away. Until last Friday. Local garage had a 2009 Mini Cooper Convertible for sale (not the S or JCW) but still a bit BMW (yecch) but also UK built, good, but (with a Peugeot engine - double yecch). Put a deposit down and will be collecting Thursday, much to the delight of my wife. It's a bit girly looking. She already has her Civic and I still run the CR-V. Trade in Value for Red........£200. Better than We Buy Any but a travesty really. It has to go as I cannot run four cars. But it feels like loosing a member of the family and it still has my long departed loving dog's hairs in it. Boo hoo.
  2. I will be moving to a new address next week and needed room in the garage to store things temporarily. This meant moving the car out onto the street, which also meant it needed a current MoT. I haven't been using it much lately which is just as well because the MoT expired on 28 May. I asked myself now that the wife will no longer be working and will not need her own car (Civic), and I have a CR-V that the wife and I can share, do we really need 3 cars anymore? Is it worth getting Red MoT'd. Should I sell it? Scrap it? Looking through various car sale sites on the web it appears that good 6th Generation Accords go for anything between £400 to £1800. And what about £75 that's what:thumbdown: Well, I soon realised my thoughts were totally illogical and if carried through would not only threaten my independence but also attract unwelcome vibes from the wife at the thought of her having to share with me and even the hint of suggesting her beloved Civic also depart the family would bring down on me untold grief.

    The CR-V is Diesel and as such does not like lots of short journeys, which is one of the main reasons I kept Red. And I will still need to make lots of short journeys so logic tells me that whilst it reliably performs such duties I might just as well keep it going (where have I heard this before?) So off to Honda's for an MoT then..............:Epic Fail: Ball Joints.... (I'm not swearing here by the way:Laughing:) The mechanic did say that these things do wear out (which I suspected from the knocks under the car for the past six months) but is otherwise spot on and has obviously been very well looked after. It's worth doing:money: £300 please:boss::money:

    Still much cheaper than buying another car which might have just as many problems. Think I've heard and said this many times before as well but to be honest I think I'm still in credit.

    Another year for Red on the road then:gohonda:

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  3. 13th MOT today. 16th birthday last month. Pass and no advisories :Happy:

    My local Honda has closed and moved to a new high tech building five miles further away. You sit in a reception area with a big glass panel looking into the workshop area and see all the scary things the mechanic does to your first love .

    With free tea/coffee on tap and 'Escape to Victory' on the telly I felt almost as if they were trying to sooth nerves but I do hate MOT's at the best of times and I didn't want to watch. However, the workshop also has those lights that they use in the showroom and I must admit that when I saw Red in the 'buy me glow' I would have bought it there and then. And so would a couple of other Honda owners watching their cars being serviced. I must admit that the latest crop of Honda's to me don't seem to have the same aesthetic effect somehow.
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    1. Chunkylover53 Avatar
      I agree on the aesthetic side, all they've got on show is the Civic, Civic Tourer (yikes) and Jazz (probably best looking of the lot). Come next year we'll see the CTR, HR-V etc in showrooms
      Chunkylover53, Monday 1st Jun, 2015
    2. legend-ary Avatar
      sounds like Lookers Orpington.
      Agreed on the aesthetics of the new cars. Nothing sleek and wonderful in the showrooms. Nothing to make you forget what you came in for and go wow! Infact I think your car with its beautiful Red colour will draw more attention than most new Hondas.
      That is Greenwich park for sure.. isn't it!
      legend-ary, Tuesday 5th Jan, 2016
    3. Phil P Avatar
      Yup. Lookers Orpington (moved from Bexleyheath which really annoyed me. Takes twice as long to get there and no easy way back without a car if in for a service etc)

      Of course it is Greenwich Park!!!
      Phil P, Tuesday 5th Jan, 2016
  4. Thank you all for your kind comments.

    Have posted answers in the discussion area. I was limited to 2000 characters here, so be warned

  5. Looking very clean and shiny! What polish are you using?
  6. Those blue response tyres are fantastic, seriously considered getting them for my car but there was a two week wait and I am too impatient.

    Oh, lovely car too - nice to see a red car like that still gleaming and not faded.
  7. Gorgeous - fully agree re. the tyres - got the same ones on the front and it makes a huge difference
  8. She's a super looking 6th Generation Phil. Please tell us more.
  9. More pictures when you get a mo phil.:Wink:
    1. Phil P Avatar
      Here you go. Good night CJ

      Phil P, Sunday 26th Oct, 2014
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