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  1. Hi mate. The roof spoiler was off ebay £72 painted and delivered from Taiwan. I think the company I used were called oem bmw or something like that. It needs fitting on a hot day though or it may fall off. It fits perfect and the colour was a match too. It's a great mod. A few people have them now so its not as rare. May be I need the mugen kit lol.

    try this link

  2. hi mate
    out of curiosity is the spoiler above the rear glass an OEM or after market part?
    looks very neat indeed
    Have you details of the part?

    Car looks very nice indeed and has given me some food for thought on my 'on its way' accord in the same colour and buti in ES GT spec

    tidy car for sure ... :Smile:
  3. I did wrap the door cards but found the white distracting. I just thought I'd put the pictures up to give other members ideas.
  4. The door led strips have now been removed and a red led bulb used instead. The one strip fell off slightly and broke as it didn't stick to the carbon wrap very well so I took them all off and will re do it at some point. You've reminded me! I need to add a pic of my number plate light to the gallery. I still have that white led strip along the back. It's really bright and lights the whole floor up.
  5. Looking great dude.. How are the door LEDs doing?
  6. Have you got a link for that roof spoiler mate seems to be a decent fit.... very nice ride, like the touch of the Mugen badge too
  7. Don't touch that spoiler Zoran! I'm amazed it's actually stayed on.
  8. Unfortunately CJ I paid a garage to paint them last year and they need doing again! I'll have to pay someone again as I just don't have the time at the minute to do them. If any local members fancy doing them for a guide let me know. Winky smiley face.
  9. Something to be proud of !
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  10. You painted the brake discs in silver did you take them off.. It looks factory fresh Jace tip top!
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