Daily Driver Owned by johnny-p

  • This is my first Honda Civic & can safely say I'm extremely pleased with it. It is an all-around perfect vehicle for my needs & has everything I could possibly want in a car & more. I intend to modify it a little over time ie. purchased black alloy wheels for it as well as tint the windows & probably fit an induction kit (but haven't decided yet)

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    I have replaced fuel lid for titanium lid & fitted Honda scuff door plates in the doors I intend to replace alloys for polished black alloys & tint the back passenger windows %20 to blend in with the rear window that has already been tinted.
  1. Why no photo?
    1. Nels Avatar
      It will show correctly tomorrow.
      Nels, Sunday 31st Dec, 2017
  2. Great to see she's made it into the garage! :Thumbup: