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  • owned at the age of 21 (13/14 years ago!). she was the tender age of 3 and would eat tyres like a fat kid in a cake shop!

    Had a few issues in my ownership, the main being caused by Ash Honda in Yeovil doing a poor job or replacing the clutch. An odd vibration at certain revs revealed that the bolts holding the gearbox in place had not been tightened correctly... and there were only 3 left by the time i got it on a ramp. one of these could turned by hand!!!
  1. That's shocking work by Ash Honda in Yeovil !! :Rant:
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      I was pretty lucky tbh. i was very much a "boy racer" back than and part of the cruise scene, regular doing top speed up and down the motorway and generally driving like a nob to different "events".

      Interestingly when i went to pick the car up it turned out they knew it particularly well... and still head the original head under a bench in the work shop. Allegedly it was the only vtec system they had EVER known to have failed.
      StuntMonkey, Friday 28th Oct, 2016